I created It's Not An Agency® after seeing that there was a need in the market that wasn't being addressed. Coming from New York City advertising agencies such as Grey and Havas Worldwide I knew the tactics that big corporations used to draw more traffic and brand awareness. Being a tech lover I saw that there were companies popping up and offering services previously only available to corporations, at affordable prices that smaller business could leverage. 

6 years in the NYC ad room trenches, that made an episode of Mad Men look like a walk in the park, made me confident that I could guide businesses through the design process and marketing implementation plan.

What makes It's Not An Agency® different is that we aim to teach our clients how to use the tools that we set up for them so that they can grow their business internally. Always providing any support they need along the way. For that reason we work on a flat project rate rather than by the hour. When designing websites our clients often get what I call "Steve Job Syndrome", they know what it is they don't want but can't pinpoint what it is they do until they see it. At It's Not An Agency® we work with you until it clicks and your vision is created. That is our promise. 


Client Testimonials

"Victoria Capdevielle is a rockstar. I came to her with the hope of building a website that would represent my brand, but didn’t even fully know what that was and I felt completely overwhelmed by the entire process. She was able to simplify everything, have the vision to execute all of my ideas, provided a superior product, and was extremely patient and communicative throughout. Her great energy, creative mind, superior skill, can-do attitude, accessibility and feedback were invaluable to this process. I think what may set her apart the most is that she actually taught me how to use my website and continue to update it, to use it as a tool…not just a static thing that would exist online. She has insight into search engine optimization, branding, connecting all social media to the platform and the impact that it can have on your business. Victoria does it all, and is just a delight to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough…thank you, Victoria, for making my experience so wonderful, and for helping me create a website and brand that I am proud to have out in the world!"

- Kristi Ambrosetti | Sotheby's International Realty


"Nothing but high praise for those at It’s Not An Agency. Victoria and her team spent weeks working with us to get our site just right. Each stage of the design process was exciting. Even when we didn’t know what exactly we wanted for a page but knew something just didn’t seem right INAA brought us multiple designs and layouts until we were completely satisfied. In an industry as unsexy as the one we are in, INNA gave it a little flare while keeping it crisp and to its industrial roots. Since launching our new site as a clientless startup over 6 months ago we have received multiple inquiries through our site, most of which signed.

Great rates, startup friendly, a fantastic team and a return on your investment, what more could you want?"

-Ry Sterling Yennie | Covestone, CEO


"Before Victoria helped us, our site was a bit a of a mess.  Victoria made it look stream-lined, functional, and amazing.  She did a great job with SEO optimization and we were able to get a lot more business.  Victoria is very professional and great with communication; she replied to all of our messages right away.  Our business wouldn't be going as well without all of Victoria's help.  She truly excels at web design and we look forward to using her services again in the future!"

- Brian Tanner, Founder


"Victoria Capdevielle and It's Not An Agency recently created a new website and social media plan for my business that is nothing less than stellar. From the very beginning, she walked me through the process with confidence and tremendous patience. She is quick, intelligent, funny, savvy, and direct and does a fantastic job utilizing her marketing background in web development. If you are looking for someone who you can trust to quickly, competently, and creatively bring your website to life, while empowering you with the tools to manage your site, then Victoria is your gal. She helps you understand how to connect with your current and potential clients in a compelling way from concept to actualization. She took something that had been a major stress in my life, and made it fun, interesting, and exciting. Victoria profoundly cares for her clients and their successes and it comes through in all she does. I highly recommend her work."

- Jaime Radow, Life Coach